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Recent Headlines on the Mortgage Crisis

Lenders under investigation in all 50 states for foreclosure fraud!

ReconTrust and Bank of America Named in Class Action Violation
of Fair Debt Collection!

Task force probing whether banks broke federal laws during
home seizures!

Foreclosure Mess Could Lead to Rise in Loan Modifications!

WaMu must return foreclosed homes!

Repossessions fall 9% thanks to foreclosure freeze!

Bank of America acknowledged some mistakes
in foreclosure files as it begins to resubmit
documents in 102,000 cases!

Foreclosure Probe:Big Banks Told Not to
‘Fix Fraud’!

One Law for the Rich, One Law for the Poor
The new foreclosure crisis reveals the shocking
unfairness in how the law treats struggling homeowners.

Finding A Way Out of the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis!

Investigators find negligence, fraud in foreclosure fiasco!

Foreclosure Fraud Represents Banks Trying to Evade
Eating Toxic Mortgages!

Attorneys ask courts to toss out foreclosure cases!

Mortgage and Foreclosures Fraud:
BofA, CitiGroup, Wells Fargo Face Rising Litigation Costs!